Years: 1977-1993
Teams: Nets, Jazz, Warriors, Knicks, Bullets, Nets
The numbers/stats don't lie but the folks on the Naismith Hall of Fame committees certainly do. Bernard King made four All-Star teams, two All-NBA First Teams, and won a scoring title in 1985 but apparently those aren't HOF-worthy accomplishments. Setting the New Jersey Nets record for most points in a season (1,909) as a rookie, scoring 50+ plus points in consecutive games with the Knicks in January of 1984, and lighting up the Nets (as a Knick) for 60 on Christmas Day the next season apparently aren't good enough either. Yes, tearing his ACL in 1985 robbed him of a career that would've put him on par with the all-time greats of his era but even then King bounced back to average 20+ PPG over four of the next six seasons before continuous knee problems brought his career to an end in 1993. Based on consistency and perseverance alone, Bernard King should've been in the Hall a while ago.