The 2012 NBA Draft is tomorrow night, and the whole world knows who's going No. 1. What the world doesn't know is what obscure foreign player will be taken ridiculously high. Throughout the years there have been more than a few players to come to the states to do nothing more than to stink it up. For every Dirk Nowitzki, there are five Nikoloz Tskitishvilis. Who? Exactly. Remember when the Mavs took Bill Wennington and Uwe Blab in back-to-back picks? We don't either, until we started compiling this list and realized who Dallas passed on. What about the time Joe Dumars drafted Darko Milicic instead of three perennial All-Stars the year after Detroit was four wins from the 2003 NBA Finals? There's more where that came from. Check out The 25 Biggest Foreign Busts in NBA Draft History.

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