Roots For: Bears, Underdog Stories
Bears quarterback Caleb Hanie is the only quarterback that could (and did) lose to the Chiefs' Tyler Palko. He's the perfectly horrible combination of reckless gunslinger and deer-in-the-headlights spaz (think Jeff Garcia without the mobility and on meth). Last season he took the reins for an injured Jay Cutler and, four weeks later, cratered the franchise. But before he dashed any hope for the postseason, there was a swell of Hanie supporters who thought he'd lead the team to the Super Bowl. 

Those people are douchebags. Hanie fans would continually site his preseason success (against practice squad corners), shower him with praise for a NFC Championship Game (in which he threw as many touchdowns to Packers as he did Bears), and harp on about Jay Cutler's inability to discern jersey color in the red zone (which, actually, was a legit point).