Roots For: Sox
The only thing more depressing than reading YouTube comments is listening to people who call in to radio shows. Ugh, those guys. They’re a plague on humanity and none are worse than Sox fans on 670 The Score.

Hosts struggle to answer vague, not-really-questions by pipefitters from Bridgeport who will say simply, “So this Gordon Beckham, am I right?” That's not an exaggeration. White Sox post game shows are a clumsy back-and-forth between Chris Rongey and incredibly stupid callers who are too loaded on High Life to articulate a single coherent sentence. And if one more high school parent calls in to honestly suggest the Bears, "try the same five-wide spread offense as the Libertyville Wildcats” Boers and Bernstein will carry out their suicide pact and kill themselves on-air, during rush hour.


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