Skip Bayless is still finding reasons to criticize LeBron James today. But, writer Scott Raab—one of LBJ's biggest critics and the author of The Whore of Akron—surprisingly isn't. Earlier today, he put up a short post on Esquire that, in his own way, gave LBJ props for winning his first 'chip.

"Thus ends the Whore of Akron's quest for a ring: with a ring," Raab wrote. "I fully expected him to win it last year, and was glad when he didn't and gladder to see him choke while trying. His failure then was epic, but no more so than his triumph now. I don't have to like or respect a man to acknowledge his talent and accomplishment. Way to go, shit-heel."

Ha. Okay, so it's not exactly the nicest post we've ever read. But, still: He sucks up his pride for a few minutes and acknowledges the greatness of LeBron while simultaneously expressing the real reason behind all of his hatred for LeBron. Check out the rest here.

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[via Esquire]