At some point during this year's Summer Olympics coverage, we're going to get a look at a couple of these athletes' road to the London games. They may want to avoid telling the recent story involving 3,000-meter steeplechase competitor, Ezekiel Kemboi. Recently, Kemboi was accused of stabbing a woman, who refused to have sex with him. 

According to the alleged victim, Anne Nieri Otieno, after a night of drinking, the two returned to her house where she eventually declined the 2004 Olympic gold winner's sexual advances. In response, Kemboi went to his car, got a dagger and stabbed her. Ezekiel, however, is telling a different story. He is stating that "attackers drove up in a red car and demanded money from (Kemboi)…one of them aimed the knife at (him) but fortunately it missed (him) and stabbed one of the thugs in the chest.”

Either way, Kemboi was surprisingly released on $595 bail and will still be able to compete in this summer's Olympics. Now, go win gold and make your country proud! But remember, you're expected in court in September. 

[via SportsGrid]