Manny Ramirez, he of the 555 home runs, two steroid suspensions, World Series MVP, and assorted other fuckery, is a free agent. Ramirez had signed with the Oakland A's in the offseason, "returning" to baseball after he retired rather than serve the second of his steroid suspensions last spring. Ramirez had been playing in Sacramento with the A's Triple A club while he served his amended 50-game suspension.

That suspension ended on May 30, however Ramirez remained in the minors, despite hitting .302 with 14 RBIs in 17 games (the A's could've used him, too—they have the worst slugging percentage in the American League). Yesterday he asked for his release, and the A's granted his request. Despite his considerable baggage, Ramirez would seem to be an enticing option for an AL team in need of a DH.

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[via Yahoo]

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