If you thought that the decision in Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley was a real head-scratcher, prepare yourself. The next time Pac-Man steps into the ring, it will not be exact revenge on the controversial result of his bout with Bradley. Instead, according to Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions, Pacquiao will be face Juan Manuel Marquez for a fourth time on November 10th rather than pursuing his much-needed rematch with Desert Storm.

Zanfer Promotions represents Marquez.

We could probably sum up everyone's collective feeling towards this news with three letters: WTF! Juan Manuel Marquez again?! After one draw and two victories by Pac-Man in their previous fights, you would think that there would be no need for these two guys to get back into the ring again. Apparently not. Is there still time to discuss the possibility of Mayweather/Pacquiao?      

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[via ESPN]