Drake might have to change a few of the bars he wrote for "Stay Schemin." According to a new TMZ report, Kobe Bryant won't be giving the "150 Ms" that Drizzy rapped about on the Rick Ross track to his estranged wife Vanessa because the couple is trying to avoid making their well-publicized divorce final right now by working towards a reconciliation. Although Kobe hasn't moved back in with Vanessa yet, TMZ is reporting that yesterday was the first day that Vanessa could have signed the paperwork to make her divorce from Kobe official. But, she didn't sign anything yet because the couple is still trying to give their marriage one last shot.

Will it work out? Well, we'd be willing to bet 150 Ms that it will—for now, at least. But, if Kobe fucks up at any point in the near future, Vanessa can sign the divorce papers with the quickness and end their marriage immediately. Now, that is what we call a "Kobe Stopper."

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[via TMZ]