Last month, a Sports Illustrated feature on Tim Duncan revealed that the Spurs forward hates Kevin Garnett. Like, hates him. But, with the Celtics looking like they're ready to disband the "Big 3" and San Antonio poised to make one more real run at an NBA title with TD playing the post, could the Spurs be on the verge of signing KG in the offseason? It's a real possibility according to one anonymous Spurs insider who recently revealed that the team will seriously consider signing KG if Boston decides to part ways with him.

KG and TD together? Sure, it sounds like the starting backcourt for an over-30 league at the Y. But, with the Spurs desperate to make one last push with their "Big 3" of Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili still intact, signing Garnett just might be crazy enough to work. Emphasis on the "crazy."

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[via My San Antonio]