There was a single season of sports I was truly, wildly wrapped up in. I was dating a huge Colts fan at the time and it was the NFL's 2006 season (a great season to be a Colts fan). It wasn't his devotion to the team that got me caught up in the season, it was his avid sports betting, which he explained to me in serious depth. Two months into the season, I was well-versed enough in the over/under and the spread to be a bookie, and more hyped on the game than I'd ever been before (or ever would be). 

The lesson learned here? Get your girl (literally) invested in the game by putting her in a few pools or making a friendly wager with her at the bar where the loser buys the round. If you're watching the game at home, you might want to raise the stakes a little higher and make it an elaborate game of strip basketball where dunks and three-pointers equate to varying degrees of dwindling clothing. KInda gives new meaning to "Everybody wins", doesn't it?