No, we're not suggesting you go all En Vogue on her; We're saying you school her on the mechanics of the game. The real reason we cannot enjoy basketball is because we don't fully comprehend what's going on. I don't want to generalize and say all women or even most women are as NBA ignorant as I am (because that's entirely untrue, my two closest female friends are rabid fans) but I can assume that if you're here, your girlfriend is not in the latter, and is in the same camp of sadly lacking sports knowledge that I am, i.e, she thinks a pick and roll sounds like a delicious hors d'oeuvre. (Pickin' roll? Is that a spring roll made with pork?)

It's not that we don't enjoy sports. It's just difficult to enjoy anything you don't entirely understand. Most men have been raised to be able to rattle off Kobe's stats; It's an unspoken social expectation that you understand the inner-working of the game. For most women, that's not the case. Many of us are in the dark about finer points of the game, and too embarrassed to ask about the simple things we think we should already know (but don't). Hell, we have egos too, and we'll be damned if we look like the dumb girl who knows nothing about sports, especially among your friends. 

A good way to eliminate her b-ball inferiority complex is to give her an "NBA Playoffs For Dummies" tutorial. Don't belittle her, just give her a sincere, passionate lesson on the ins-and-outs of the game and how it's played, Make in an interactive learning experience, complete with YouTube videos and thought-provoking lists that will leave her feeling like she not only understands the game and its key characters, but actually has her own opinion on it. And the best part? It was you who gave this newly-created NBA fan life! Kinda makes you feel like Dr. Frankenstein, doesn't it?