The seller of this Pontiac/Oldsmobile/International Harvester says that the only thing wrong with it is the AC's low freon level. Ummm... we think he might be missing something. He also claims that is "has every optional that a car could have" before going on to describe the things that you just assume a normal car has, like working airbags and brakes. 

While the seller is only getting rid of it because he has too many projects on his hands right now, we must warn the buyer that buying this thing would not be unlike adopting a five-legged venomous dog with a miniature Mussolini sprouting from its ass-cheek; somebody is going to see it and shout "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

Also worrisome is this little snippet: "there are no check engine lights on?" Why the question mark?

[via Craigslist via Hooniverse]