First, let's get all the quips, jokes, and puns out of the way (some shamelessly stolen from FB commenters): 

  • That's quite the status cymbal.
  • Hopefully it's got drum brakes. 
  • Now that's putting the bass pedal to the metal. 
  • Ready, drum set, go!
  • The ultimate pearl paint job. 
  • Don't get caught drum driving.
  • Don't forget your drum keys. 
  • BMW took this bike to the tuner. 
  • This drummer is getting a little carried away. 
  • Neil Peart was caught rushing to a concert in this. 
  • Does this come with kick start?
  • You won't get snared up in traffic, as long as you have your Tom Tom. 

Wow, alright, that should be enough corny to last you the entire weekend, maybe the rest of the month. Nobody seems to have any information whatsoever on this, aside from the obvious fact that it is a BMW bike with a Staccato kick, Pearl aluminum toms, and Paiste cymbals. We just know that it's amazing and it's actually not the first time something like this has been done. 

[via The Ben Miller Band]