Today is Kanye West's 35th birthday. So, naturally, there are a ton of people out there giving him shout-outs and wishing him a happy birthday. That list of people includes Dick Vitale.

Happy 35 @kanyewest as I am sure @kimkardashian will throw a big bash 4 her superstar guy!I wonder who he would take @KingJames or @kdtrey5?

— Dick Vitale (@DickieV) June 8, 2012

Now, this is strange for a few reasons. One, we never took Dickie V for much of a Kanye West fan (although, maybe this should have given us a clue?). Two, Dickie V seems to have a strange obsession with Kanye and Kim's relationship (as also evidenced here). And, three: What the fuck does Kanye's birthday have to do with whether he'd "take" LeBron James or Kevin Durant?!

Weird, man. Did somebody slip an extra spoonful of sugar into your coffee this morning or something, Dickie V? This was a nice gesture. But, stick to talking hoops, baby!

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[via Twitter]