As we told you yesterday, the Brooklyn Nets went all out for Deron Williams' 28th birthday. When he woke up yesterday, he discovered that the Nets had arranged for a huge billboard truck to be left outside of his home wishing him a happy born day (peep the thumbs to see photos of it). Last night, he repaid the favor by inviting Nets head coach Avery Johnson to a small, intimate birthday party that his family and friends threw for him at a restaurant in New York.

So, does that mean he's any closer to resigning with the team? Eh, probably not. He declined to talk to the media earlier today. And, Nets GM Billy King doesn't feel like the team is any closer—or any further away, for that matter—to signing him to a long-term deal. But, it does mean one thing: Mark Cuban better break out as much champagne as he can get his hands on when Williams becomes a free agent on July 1. Because D-Will signing with Dallas doesn't seem to be the foregone conclusion that it was a couple months ago.

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[via ESPN]