Note to self: No smoke breaks at the Staples Center in Los Angeles!

Charlie Sheen found that out the hard way last night when he went outside to have a cig in the middle of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Kings and Devils. When he tried to get back into the building, a female security guard told him he would not be permitted to re-enter the premises. And, as a result of that information, Sheen exploded and directed a slew of expletives at the security guard (who, by the way, was a pretty attractive young lady just trying to do her job).

"You know what?" he yelled. "F------ blow my b----, alright, you f------ a------!" (sounds like we've got a new candidate for the Charlie Sheen Soundboard!)

Some of Sheen's friends tried to keep him away from TMZ cameras that happened to be in the area at the time. But, by the time they realized Sheen was being filmed, it was too late. So, he tried to explain his actions to them. "Have common sense and common courtesy in society," he told TMZ. "That was what I was trying to impress upon her."

HA! Yeah. In so many words, that's exactly what you were trying to do. Next time, you're probably better off trying to sneak a few puffs in a bathroom stall between periods instead of stepping out.

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[via TMZ]