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Oh, Kris Humphries. Things haven't been too great for you lately, huh? The Nets are preparing to let you loose. Kim Kardashian told Oprah that she separated from you because she was "bored." Your ex-girl got subpoenaed to appear at your divorce trial. Contrary to what Nas says, life isn't good. And, yet, you're clearly making the most of it. I mean, hanging out with a girl's high school volleyball team? Good times, bro! Er, wait…what?

Yeah, we're not sure WTF is going on here, either. We can't tell you when or where this photo is from. But, recently, Hump (do people still call him that? And, if so, why?) posed for this picture with a group of girl's volleyball players and provided us with a classic Kris Humphries face to go along with it. And, we need your help describing it.

So, if you had to write a caption for this flick, what would it say? Holler at us in the comments section. Best one wins a big bro hug from Kris himself. Or, a shoutout on Twitter. Whichever you'd prefer!*

*Assuming you pick the shoutout. We don't know Kris Humphries and we're pretty sure we couldn't get him to give you a bro hug. Sorry!

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