When Derrick Rose returns to the court for the Bulls after his ACL injury heals up, their star point guard may be looking at an entirely revamped roster. According to the New York Daily News, Chicago is "strongly considering" the idea of moving some of their long-term salary obligations. At the top of that list is Luol Deng, who is set to make $28 million over the next two seasons, and Joakim Noah, who's looking at nearly $50 million over the next four years, in exchange for a high draft pick and a trade exception.

In the end, the Bulls want to give Omer Asik and Taj Gibson new contract extensions, but this cannot happen until they free up some cap space first. If Chicago is able to pull off deals for Noah and Deng, will their team actually be better with Gibson and Asik taking more minutes? Have they asked Rose how he feels about all this change? Why is Boozer still on the team? So many questions that need answers and the off-season has just begun.  

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[via I Am A GM]