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Brandon Jacobs, most noted this off season for leaving the champion NY Giants because he wanted more than the 4.4 million he was scheduled to earn from the team this upcoming season, has given back the $3.36 to the six year old fan who sent it to him from his piggy bank. Jacobs not only gave the money back, but took the fan and his four year old brother out to enjoy the afternoon at Jump On It Bounce house gym in Boonton, New Jersey. 

This all seems like a nice gesture seeing as he also gave the kid a signed Giants helmet, and an extra five bucks because he did end up leaving the Giants, saying, "had some interests in there just for being a good kid." Wait, just five dollars? Yeah, we're sure the kids were appreciative of the afternoon out with their favorite football player, but with that 4.4 mil you could've given them a little more loot. #justsaying

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