Twice now, Lil Wayne has attended Thunder playoff games in Oklahoma City. And both times (as evidenced here and here), he's felt disrespected when he's walked out of Chesapeake Energy Arena. After the second time, it was enough to make him take to Twitter to let the world know that he's pulling for the Heat to win the 'chip this season:

But, he's not the only Cash Money artist pulling for Miami in the 2012 NBA Finals. Recently, MTV News caught up with Birdman and he also said that he wants LeBron James & Co. to win it all. Reason being, he wants the staff at the Thunder's home arena to feel the way Birdman, Jr. felt when he was disrespected by them.

"OKC gotta pay for their disrespect that they did with my son," he said. "The arena, just the arena because I love the people of OKC. It's the arena and how they been disrespectful. Fuck them. I have no respect for them and the way they just disrespected another black man who tryin' to come to their arena that happens to be my son. It's Miami Heat all day every day anyway, but that's just how I feel personally."

Cool. But, didn't Wayne once have a problem with Bron-Bron and Dwyane Wade disrespecting him, too? Hmmm…Maybe the series could end in a tie?

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[via MTV News]