Terrell Owens isn't the only sports figure dealing with a controversy involving naked photos of himself right now. According to a new report by the The Smoking Gun, Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson is also working through an issue that almost saw him get extorted by an ex-stripper and an ex-con recently because of some old naked photos.

About six years ago, Jackson reportedly sent several nude pictures of himself to Alexis Adams, a stripper he'd met at a New York jiggle joint while he was working as an analyst for the New Jersey Nets. Earlier this year, she gave those photos as well as a CD that contained voice mail messages Jackson left for Adams to ex-con Marcus Shaw. And, he approached Jackson in Memphis in April, claimed that he'd found the photos and CD in a storage locker he had just purchased, and asked what they were worth to him.

"I want to be made whole," said Shaw, who told Jackson that he wanted money to fix his teeth and get his car out of an impound lot.

Initially, Jackson gave Shaw $5000 in exchange for the photos and CD. But, after Adams and Shaw got in touch with Jackson's wife of 22 years to go for more cash—they wanted upwards of $200,000—the former NBA point guard went to the FBI and the co-conspirators were arrested.

The situation sucks for Jackson. But, yo: When are these sports figures gonna learn? Naked flicks are not the way to go.

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[via The Smoking Gun]