Earlier this week, the NFL announced that it was having Adam "Pacman" Jones speak this year at the symposium they hold for incoming rookies. Yes, the same Pacman Jones known more for his off-field fuckery than his on-field highlights. The first thng Pacman might want to do is show the rookies his empty wallet and say, "Do as I say, not as I do."

Yesterday a judge ordered Jones to pay $11.6 million to two men injured in a shooting outside a Las Vegas strip club that Pacman is alleged to have commissioned. The men, one of whom is paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the shooting, were security guards at Minxx during NBA All-Star weekend 2007 when Jones is alleged to have paid a man to shoot up the club after a brawl ensued after Jones showered dancers with dollar bills and then got offended when they actually picked them up (sidebar: if true, that's some real, real cheap shit, and a definite violation of strip club ethics).

Jones' lawyer says he'll be unable to pay the fine because he won't be paid himself until NFL season starts in September. Left unsaid by his attorney was the fact that Pacman is an oft-injured and ineffectual cornerback who's not likely to make $11 milli during the course of the rest of his career.

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