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Right now, despite the ACL injury that's gonna keep him out of the New York Knicks lineup until at least January 2013, it looks like Iman Shumpert is gonna have a long (and prosperous!) NBA career. So, in a few years, money won't be an issue. But, last season, he "only" made about $1.5 million. Now, that's a pretty large sum of money to the rest of us, but as far as ballers go, that might as well be $20.

With that in mind, it's a little bit surprising to hear that, in addition to the place that he already has in Westchester, N.Y., the Knicks guard also just agreed to rent an apartment in NYC at the luxe Mantena building that's gonna cost him—get this—about $9200 in rent every month. And, while it's got three bedrooms, white oak floors, a chef's kitchen, sky-high ceilings, and a shitload of amenities, we're not so sure homie's not making a push to end up on this list right now by signing a lease on the place. Easy on the expenditures, son! At least until you see how that ACL heals…

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