"And a groomsmen, 5'11", out of St. Paul, Minnesota..."

In general, sports-themed weddings are pretty lame. We're big sports fans, but c'mon fam—you spend the majority of your Saturdays watching sports at some point, you can't take one day off and not be a fan? Still, this one just might be OK.

A Chicago couple hired Ray Clay, a.k.a. the P.A. announcer at Chicago Stadium/United Center famed for his guttural Bulls intros ("and...North Carolina...Michael Jordan"), to do their wedding reception. Even though there are way too many players on these teams and the announced heighths are totally irrelevant, this is pretty cool. Although somebody needs to tell that first groomsman that a) he ain't the one getting married, and b) he ain't Michael Jordan.

[via Deadspin]