Praise Martin-Oguike has most likely played his last football game for Temple University. The 18-year-old linebacker, who kicked off his career with the Owls last fall, was just charged with forcible rape, false imprisonment, and several other related offenses after allegedly raping a 21-year-old Temple student in his dorm room late last month. The victim told police that she agreed to hang out with Martin-Oguike in his dorm room on May 26 after he helped her move into a nearby apartment. But, after he signed her into his dorm and turned on his TV, she alleges he forced her to lay down, grabbed her neck, and raped her. And, somehow, it got even worse when she finally managed to get out of the room.

Shortly after the alleged incident, Martin-Oguike also texted the young lady to apologize but denied that he raped her. And, in one of his final texts to her, he even asked, "Are you going to press charges?"

As of right now, Martin-Oguike's name has been removed from the Temple football team's website. He's also been suspended from the football team and the school. And, yeah, like we said, we wouldn't expect to see him back on the football field for Temple—or anyone else for that matter—anytime soon. He's denied all of the charges and his lawyer has called them "baseless." But, if he really did text her that, things are probably going to get ugly for him fast. Stay tuned.

[via Philadelphia Daily News]