For the second time today, we're being reminded that young kids see sports a whole lot differently than adults do. Earlier, we told you about how a young kid went to the Miami Heat game last night and yelled "Good game! Good effort!" at Heat players as they exited the court after losing to the Celtics. Now comes this touching story about a 6-year-old New York Giants fan who was devastated after one of his favorite players Brandon Jacobs signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers during the offseason.

According to the boy's father, who mailed a letter to Jacobs recently, the boy didn't understand why Jacobs had decided to leave the G-Men for the Niners. So, his father had to explain to him that the Giants didn't have enough money to resign Jacobs. The boy's reaction to that piece of news was pretty priceless. He asked his father to crack open his piggy bank and mail Jacobs the $3.36 that he had inside of it so that Jacobs could come back to the Giants. His father obeyed his wishes. And, when he received the letter and the money in the mail, Jacobs had a pretty strong reaction to it.

What a nice gesture by the boy—and a reminder that not everyone out there is as cynical about sports as some of us are. Check out the entire letter in the thumbs above.

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[via Goal-Line Stand]