Yes, even Audi has gotten in on the amphibious movement.

Designed by David Cardoso in 2010, Audi created the "Hydron," an electric-powered three-seater "automoboat" built with the ambitious hope seeing the production line. Cardoso describes the vision, "the Audi Hydron is a 3 seat, electric amphibious vehicle with the looks of a road car that can be used as a "boat" when necessary. Today, most amphibious vehicles are transformed road vehicles. The Hydron, on the other hand, is especially designed to give an original mix between land and water capacities."

It has a narrow cockpit to reduce water resistance and is propelled through the water by hollow axel wheels, each one is equipped with an electric engine that can pivot 90°. So is this the vehicle of the future or another flop of a concept car?