Let's play "What if?" for a second. What if you were faced with the dilemma of going to jail or destroying your prized car possessions? And what if those possessions were cars that aren't even legal to drive in the U.S.? What if they were Nissan Skylines, one of the most desired cars that nobody has in America? 

Thirty-two-year-old Wisconsin man Justin Beno had this very dilemma. Facing counts of conspiracy to commit fraud and possessing vehicles without vehicle identification numbers, he decided that he'd rather stay out of the slammer, even if that meant that authorities would crush his two Skylines, one of which was in The Fast and the Furious, and of which totalled resale values of about $200,000. 

"Both cars had been stripped down to shell and wheels -- no motor, no drive train, missing interior parts -- literally shells on wheels," Beno said. "I spend the next few years sourcing parts from all over the world. I had the ability and resources to find all the parts I needed, from Japan, Australia and England, where these cars are more prevalent."

We want to cry just reading about this, so we can't imagine how he feels. We might have had to go to jail for a little bit to preserve those rarities. 

[via Stevens Point Journal]