The Malice at the Palace ain't got nothin' on this! During a Canadian lacrosse game on Saturday (we'd tell you who was playing, but you don't really care, do you?), a couple of teams got into one of the wildest brawls that we've ever seen during a sporting event. It started off pretty tame—initially, it looked like a hockey fight—but, by the end, it looked like a goddamned Royal Rumble with every man fighting for himself, equipment flying everywhere, and the refs struggling to keep control. Making matters even worse, there were about 17 spectators watching it, so you can hear just about everything that was said during the fight and some of the fans in attendance even got into a screaming match with the players towards the end of the brawl.

If this is any indication of how things go down down, we might just have to add a lacrosse game to our bucket list.

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[via Off The Bench]