Ya know, when we first heard that Terrell Owens was going to be making an appearance on Dr. Phil, we didn't really picture it going like this. Maybe we've watched too much Basketball Wives or something—don't lie, you've watched it once or twice, too!—but we definitely thought T.O.'s appearance on the show was more or less going to be a publicity stunt that would get Owens back into the news for a few days. But, then we sat down and saw the show and…wow. It's not what we thought it was gonna be.

It's open. It's honest. And, it's sad. As in, we feel sad for the situation that T.O. has put himself in when it comes to his kids, his baby mothers, and his personal life. Athletes—and men, in general—take note: You could probably learn a thing or two from what T.O. is going through right now. So, learn. And pray that, after all of this, T.O.'s story somehow has a happy ending, even though it doesn't look very good for him right now.

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[via Dr. Phil]

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