The streets of New York City are rife with bike messengers, all of varying degrees of expertise and professionalism. Some of these are guys that will cut you off in traffic, run a red light, and flip you the bird as if you were the one violating countless laws and general rules of respect and decency. They're like cab drivers, only they deliver packages, not people and on bikes instead of in cars. This is the general attitude most people hold of bike messengers in the city and for the most part, people are right.

The messengers of Street Kings NYC, however, are not those guys. The premier bike messenger service of the city that never sleeps, these guys are dependable and professional and they smile, a lot. If you want proof just check out this short video showing the guys in action, in full uniform, doing what they do best: navigating the city's streets and making deliveries, and smiling.

So, next time you find yourself in traffic and you see a Street Kings NYC uniform, give them a wave. We won't guarantee that you won't get the finger in return, though. It is still NYC.

[via Fixed Gear TV]