Glen "Big Baby" Davis is making about $6 million to play for the Orlando Magic this season. So, you'd think that he would have more than enough cash lying around to hire a part-time babysitter. That doesn't seem to be the case, though, because after last night's Magic loss to the Pacers, Big Baby brought his baby daughter to the post-game press conference. And, she acted like, well, a big baby.

Making things even more awkward was that, again, the Magic lost, so the reporters in attendance were understandably low-key and doing everything they could to get the Magic to shed some light on their current situation (down 2-1 to the Pacers in their best-of-7 series). But, they were completely overshadowed by Big Baby's daughter, who yelled "Daddy!" several times and crumpled up a piece of paper right in the middle of one of his answers. We're all for bringing kids up onto the podium after a win. But, we've got one word for you, Big Baby: Babysitter. Next time, you might wanna try using one.

[via Sportsgrid]

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