There's really no easy way to put the story that Deadspin posted earlier today called "Is An ESPN Columnist Scamming People On The Internet?" into the proper context. So, here are a few things that might make you want to read it: It revolves around a hot 22-year-old girl named Sarah Phillips. Until earlier tonight, Phillips was a columnist for Phillips got her job because of her love for gambling on sports (and because of her hot 22-year-old looks!). However, Phillips was not fired from ESPN and she did not catch the eye of someone over at Deadspin because of her love for gambling or her looks. Rather, she was fired after Deadspin revealed that she's allegedly scammed at least two people on the Internet. She was also fired because ESPN seems to have realized that no one on their staff has ever actually met Phillips. Oh, did we fail to mention that? It seems as though there are some people out there who don't think that she actually exists. It appears that she does exist—she's been tweeting her response to the Deadspin story all night—but, after reading the story, you'll be incredibly skeptical and intrigued and...well, let's just say you'd better set aside at least an hour or two to spend Googling her.

Sound bananas? That's because it is. And, that's why you need to go and read it ASAP. Seriously. You don't want to feel like a total loser when the movie based on it comes out, do you? So, get on it. Like, now.

[via Deadspin]

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