Sources tell the Daily News that New York Yankees might be up for sale. Rumors are making their way around league and banking circles that the Steinbrenner's are checking the temperature on possibly selling the team. Of course the team is denying the gossip, but the Los Angeles Dodgers recently selling for $2 billion has a lot to do with it. George Steinbrenner bought the team for $8.8 million in 1973 and now is possibly the best time for them to sale. The Yankees are easily the most prestigious franchise in any sport and the family can walk away with $3 billion or more if they pull the trigger.

In recent years, the Yankees have spent hundreds of millions of dollars for players that has resulted in only one championship (2009). Hal Steinbrenner reportedly doesn't like to do business like that and has dreams of bringing the payroll down considerably so New York doesn't have to pay the luxury tax. Something the pinstripes haven't done in ages

Let's see what the Steinbrenner's decide to do.

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[via The Daily News]