Round: Finals
Dates: June 3-June 14
Winner: Bulls, 4-2
Everyone knew this was the Bulls last dance and we didn't expect them to go out any other way. In a Finals rematch with Utah, Chicago responded to a Game 1 overtime loss with three straight Ws, including the biggest beatdown in Finals history, a 96-54 Game 3 drubbing. But the Jazz would steal another one in the United Center as Michael Jordan's last second three pointer missed the mark.

When Scottie Pippen went down early in Game 6 with a bad back, many thought the Bulls might be facing the challenge of a seventh game in Utah-which means we continued to underestimate Michael Jordan. Twenty-three points in the first half, 45 points for the game, the league's most lasting image, and a sixth championship were the final reminder that they didn't call him Money for no reason.