Seasons Played: 8
Stats: 1.7 PPG 3.7 RPG 1 BPG
Salary: $9 million
Andris Biedrins was good once upon a time. Fortunately for him, he was able to cash in. He came into the league as an athletic 18-year old that could rebound and defend. It took him a couple years to gain his stride and in his fourth year at the age of 21, he nearly averaged a double-double along with a block a game for the year; quickly becoming one of the best big men in a league depleted of them. So, the Warriors signed him to a 6-year/$54 million deal during the summer of 2008. A back injury here and groin surgery there, Biedrins hasn't been the same since. He still has 2-years/$18 million left on his deal with a player option for the second. Everyone with a pulse knows he's picking that option up.