Seasons Played: 9
Stats: 13.2 PPG 3.1 APG 1.9 RPG 1 SPG
Salary: $8.5 Million
After posting career numbers across the board as the point guard for Milwaukee in 2007, Mo Williams signed a 6-year/$52 million deal with a player option in the sixth year. After the Bucks were going nowhere, he was traded to Cleveland in hopes of being the second scorer LeBron James needed to get them over the hump.

He was then traded to the Clippers for B. Diddy's expiring contract last year. These days, Mo backs up CP3 and is a key role player on a squad that has been given the incredible task of bringing the Clippers to some sort of respectability. We hope he stacked because he won't be seeing that type of money ever again. Well, maybe if does more begging.