Accomplishments (2003-2004 - 2008-2009): 5x All-Star, 1x MVP, Rookie Of The Year, 5x All-NBA, 1x All-Defense, 1x Scoring Champion
Team(s): Cavs
Stats during the 2000s: 27.5 PPG 7 RPG 6.7 APG 1.8 SPG 0.9 BPG
LeBron's rise to stardom was something we've never seen before. He was in the national spotlight in his sophomore year of high school and had lofty, if not, unattainable expectations. James surpassed those expectations by his second year when he carried the Cavs to the Finals for the first time in their history. Every year after that he waited for help that never arrived. Carlos Boozer left for Utah after James' rookie season and Danny Ferry refused to trade J.J. Hickson for STAT; the rest is history.