Here's some interesting news for anyone looking to start riding bikes more often. According to a recent study, people who buy used bikes are more likely to actually ride them. Apparently, 64 percent of owners of used bicycles are planning to purchase a new bicycle in 2012 and spend an average of about $1,000 more than owners of new bikes plan to spend. 22 percent of owners earning $200,000/year or more own a bike they'd purchased used, as compared to the 12.5 percent that own a bike they'd purchased new, suggesting the wealthy actually initially spend less on bikes, according to Elliot Gluskin of The Gluskin Townley Group.

The Gluskin Townley group, a marketing and research consulting firm serving clients in the bicycling, fitness, outdoor, event, media, investment, and education industries, is set to release the complete results of the the American Bicycling Consumer research study next month. 

[via Bicycle Retailer]