Judging by the looks of this bizarre creation, and the fairly flimsy metal used to make Citroen 2CVs, this might just be possible, but it could also be a load of crap. 

This Frenchman, Emile, was attempting to circumvent a North African military roadblock in his old Citroen when he broke a swing-arm and a chassis girder on a rock. When he discovered that he would not be able to mend the chassis, he instead made a crude motorcycle out of his car, "drilling" by bending metal, hack-sawing the crease, and then flattening it back out. With anything other than a 2CV we'd call immediate BS right here, but it just might work. 

If this is all true, Emile is MacGuyver's patron saint.

[via Chameau d'Acier via Hackaday]