Get ready everybody; soon there will be douchebags perched atop these proudly exclaiming "well it's really a Mercedes." Daimler's smart brand has confirmed that it will be releasing an electric scooter, based on the escooter (so original) concept pictured above. 

The production version will feature a 5hp motor that will be good for a range of about 62 miles. It will do 0-60 in never, since the top speed is 30mph. Some horses can hit a top speed of around 55mph and travel around 100 miles per day. The horse also provides companionship, a self-aware form of transport that has a vested interest in not getting hit by a car, and a platform for trampling and/or lancing douchebags and meth dealers. Horses last around 25 years, while most motor vehicles seem to only keep going for about 12 years. 

The scooter has no emmisions, and the horse has plentiful emissions, however. The horse may also not be legal to keep in your jurisdiction.

We just want you to be aware of your options come 2014 when the Smart escooter is released.

[via Smart]