As we all know, Kevin Garnett isn't a guy who's looking to make new friends at this point in his life. All he cares about is playing basketball and winning games for the Boston Celtics. So, it really shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that KG doesn't give a you-know-what about the Sixers or their fan base. And, when he was asked about the difference between the Celts fans and Sixers fans last night after Boston beat Philly in Game 5 of their best-of-7 series, he let it be known that he doesn't have a lot of love for the fans in the City of Brotherly Love.

"Not even close," he said when he was asked to compare the two fan bases. "You got fans [in Boston] and then you got fair-weather fans [in Philly]. Take it how you want."

He also explained exactly why Boston fans are so great and offered up one of his classic KG metaphors. "This crowd sparks you," he said. "It doesn't take much here. Speaking about this crowd, it's like plugging in. You're enthused from 48 minutes on from the tip. I can't see the difference minute-to-minute. I feel like every minute I look up I see my family, I see people yelling, I see the drunk fat guy. I can't decipher one from the other. This crowd is ridiculous. I love it…It's like taking a cold shower and stepping into a freezer that's 60-below. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you want the feeling, try it out, come back, and let me know."

Well, that's certainly one way of putting it. Now, back to your disdain for Sixers fans, KG. You do realize that you've gotta play Game 6 in Philly and that this guy is going to be there, right? Oh, this is going to be good.

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[via Boston Herald]