Osi Umenyiora had a Twitter challenge over the weekend: On Saturday morning, the New York Giants DE tweeted that if folks got his feed up to one million followers by the 10 p.m. auction deadline, he'd buy Lawrence Taylor's 1991 Super Bowl ring. Things weren't looking pretty, so by noon he lowered the standards to 500,000 followers. When it was all said and done, LT's ring was auctioned off Saturday night by his son, TJ, for $230,401.20 and it wasn't to UmenyioraOsi gained 35,000 new followers bringing him to a grand total of 52,334 followers, just missing his target number by 447,666. After fans were hitting him up asking why he didn't just buy the ring, he tweeted: "If that many people supported him getting the ring then it was worth it to me. But they didn't."

This is the Giants fault, if they would've paid him like the Eagles paid LeSean McCoy this wouldn't be news. Not even the spambots could save him.

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[via Shutdown Corner]