Nigel Sylvester perfectly remembers the first day he "drove" a car. He was about eight years old, sitting in his mom's long driveway with his uncle talking him through. He couldn't even see the wheel, but that didn't stop him. He slid the car into "D," and let the tires slowly roll forward a few inches. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Nigel's always been surrounded by cars, whether it was his brother's Acura Legend, or a friend's Nissan Maxima. Off his usual two-wheel ride, he's always been infatuated with cars. So much so, that he even gave up biking for a year to pursue his Fast and Furious dream of owning a tuner. Luckily for many, that was just a phase that he grew out of. To Nigel, cars provide a type of joy unlike any other.

"Just being able to drive around and stunt, maybe pick up a girl or something [Laughs]," he said. "Even sitting on your block on a summer day washing your car or blasting your music really loud on some "I don't give a fuck" shit is great. It's just the attitude that comes with having a car. Each vehicle can tell a story about that person." 

The Nike BMXer sat down with us to give us a few stories about the type of car person he is. Check out Nigel Sylvester's 10 Favorite Cars