Sooner or later, Ozzie Guillen is going to realize that he needs to stop opening his mouth and firing off whatever comes to his mind, right? After the recent confession about Fidel Castro in Time Magazine that resulted in a five-game suspension, Ozzie should know better than to talk candidly about anything, but he's at it again. This time, though, it has nothing to do with the game of baseball.

On Friday, Ozzie discussed the sideline rift that occurred between Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and Dwyane Wade in Game 3 with the Palm Beach Post. Initially, the Marlins manager said that Wade's actions were "disrespectful" and hey, we couldn't agree with you more. But then Guillen took it a step forward and added:

Why he's saying it, when he said it, that's none of my business. But for a player to come out and say something (like that to me), he will guarantee a fight. I will kick (my player's) ass. Well, I won't say I'll kick his ass. They'll kick my ass because they're bigger than me, and I'm older. But I will take my chances. Some people have to understand our job."

OK, guess Ozzie hasn't turned over a new leaf just yet, huh? Obviously, Guillen has a very upfront way of handling matters, which differs from Spoelstra, but who would you say had the better method for that specific situation with Wade?    

[via Eye on Basketball]

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