McLaren has at least one unveil due for this year, and several others in the future. The next car we'll see out of Woking will be a drop-top version of the MP4-12C. Mechanically, it will be identical to the hard top version. 

While this isn't really striking news, we also have some tidbits regarding the company's future plans. The V8 engine that currently resides within the MP4-12C will form the basis of the powerplant that will be found in all of McLaren's upcoming automobiles. Don't worry about the planned F1 successor though, this engine was designed to scale up quite a bit, and engineers from the company's racing division are working on it. 

More products are planned beyond these first two models. Expect about four models from McLaren in the long run. This is a racing company that makes some road cars though, don't expect any SUVs or sedans. 

[via Car & Driver]