John and Helen Taylor own a VW Passat TDI. John and Helen Taylor took a road trip from Houston, TX to Sterling, VA. John and Helen Taylor didn't stop for more fuel at all during their trip. 

That means this pair of intrepid hypermilers managed 84.1 mpg over the course of their 1,626.1 mile journey. Amazingly, this was in an unmodified Passat TDI. While we appreciate their skill in hypermiling, as any sort of car control gets a thumbs-up from us, we probably wouldn't appreciate their driving at 47.1mph in a 70mph zone or whatever they were doing. This isn't the Taylors' first record either, the couple holds over 90 other efficiency-related records.

The Passat TDI is EPA rated for 43mpg on the highway.

[via Volkswagen]