Once again, eBay will be a gateway for a true piece of history. The latest eye-catching listing is a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette that Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, had in his possession for one year's time. The 'vette is dusty, rusty, and has awkwardly welded fenders flares on it, but is still a a gem among rocks. Read the full description, which we uncapitalized and broke up for you (you're welcome), below. 

"This is the ultimate Corvette "barn find." This Corvette was delivered to Mr. Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, on December 15, 1966 from Jim Rathman Chevrolet in Melbourne, Florida under a program initiated by Mr. Rathman to provide our astronauts with a Corvette. They would keep the Corvette for a year and then turn it in and get a new one. This Corvette was bought by a NASA employee when Mr. Armstrong turned it in and was retained by the owner until I purchased the Corvette from him in February of 2012. The Corvette had been in a climate controlled environment and not driven since Sept. of 1981. ...

"The car has 30+ years of dust and has had fender flares crudely added by the owner during it's time in storage. The only thing that has been done to the car since I purchased it is to get the motor running where it can be moved about the garage. I have purchased N.O.S. fender to replace the originals that were cut for the flares. The only things that are not original on the Corvette are the wheels, water pump, carb and mufflers. I have a N.O.S. correct date water pump and have located a correct date carb in Texas. 

"I have also obtained a complete set of original G.M. wheels. My initial plan was to restore the car only to the point of "Survivor Classification" from NCRS, but too many things going at this time and this Corvette is a true piece of history and belongs in a museum or private collection. The tank sticker is complete and still attached to the gas tank and much of it can be read through the dust, I made no attempt to clean it. 

"The Corvette has the following options: 427 C.I. 390 H.P-- A.C.--tinted glass--elecric windows--4-speed transmission--radio--factory transistor ignition--the spare tire had never been removed from the carrier as the pictures show. There is a high reserve on the car due to it's history which is documented with the original G.M. protect-o-plate with Mr. Armstrong's information. The mileage can not be verified due to the speedometer cable breaking sometime during the late 1970's."