From the sound of things, the Lakers are going to try and trade Pau Gasol during the offseason. After Gasol's abysmal second-round playoff series against the Thunder this season, the thought is that the Lakers would be better served moving him and picking up a few more pieces to try and make one more push at winning a championship with Kobe Bryant on the roster. But, the question is: Who should the Lakers try and get for Gasol?

Well, die hard Lakers fan, Lil Wayne has an idea and it's, er, interesting to say the least:

Yep. Forget more athletic guys like Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala. Weezy wants Pacers forward David West—a guy who played well in the playoffs against the Magic and Heat but who can hardly get off the ground anymore thanks to issues with his knee—on the Lakers roster in place of Gasol.

Hey, Wayne: We appreciate the enthusiasm for your team. But, uh, don't quit your day job, okay?

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[via Lil Wayne]